Mara Clara (Filipino Drama)

The story is about two girls that were switched at birth. One girl was named Mara, and she grew up as a nice, intelligent, sweet, down-to-earth but a very poor young lady. The other girl was named Clara, a mean, spoiled, intelligent, but a very rich young lady. They both went to the same school and became very close friends. Then Clara thought Mara was just being friends with her because she thinks Mara is trying to steal everything away from her. Then Clara starts to hate Mara fully as a form of revenge and makes Mara's life miserable. They do not know that Clara was supposed to be Mara, and Mara was supposed to be Clara, which means Mara was supposed to be the prosperous one and Clara was supposed to be the impoverished one. Will Mara and Clara ever find out who they really are?

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