A Love, Korean Movie (2007)

13 February 2013 | 19:25

In-ho is a naive but tough teenager, who is trying hard to stay out of trouble, but he willingly sacrifices everything to protect his childhood girlfriend Mi-ju. But their relationship is wrapped in tragedy. The girl is raped as an act of revenge after her mother and brother both die before they settled financial debts with a gang. In-ho retaliates by attacking the rapist, and he and Mi-ju try to escape, but they are thwarted by the gangsters. Mi-ju ends up going to Japan and In-ho goes to jail.

Years later, he finds a job at a steel company and gets scouted by its owner to be his personal secretary and bodyguard. Life gets a little easier for him, until suddenly Mi-ju reappears ― as his boss’s mistress.

In-ho has held onto his unwavering love for Mi-ju throughout his prison term and long days of separation, and for Mi-ju, it has always been impossible to forget her beloved In-ho. But the more their love for each other deepens, the more difficult it becomes for the star-crossed lovers to be together.

Cast. Joo Jin-mo - In-ho, Park Si-yeon - Mi-ju, Joo Hyun - Chairman Yoo, Kim Min-joon - Chi-kwon.

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13 February 2013 19:39

bos, jgn letak hotfile... kang x pepasal kena copyright... pakai uptobox.com laju..

13 February 2013 20:07

orait.. tq inform ;-) tak pasal2 beribu file hilang huhu hehe

13 February 2013 20:51

ada substitle x??

13 February 2013 21:02

Kaze, nk minta tolong carikan cerita korea "Bride of the sun", "Bravo my life" dan "My Daughter, The Flower" kalau ade eh..tq :) saya da promote page kaze pada kawan2 saya :)

13 February 2013 21:14

uii byknya permintaan, ni kaze nk letak 1 movie korean pun susah hehe.. tak pe, nnti klu ada terjumpa kaze share.. tq promote..

13 February 2013 22:34

sekadar berkongsi..cbe try jlan2 kat dramadownload.net

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